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Research & Development

One of FINXI's expertise is our Business Lab. Developing technologies on Computer Graphics, Mobile Computing, Real Time Processing and Data Compression, our goal is to provide the best techniques to solve day-by-day problems.

Product Development & MVPs

We've been in the IT Market for a while now. With our background and experience with different clients of all sizes, we've learned how to Develop and Ship products. We use that intelligence to develop our own MVPs and yours.

Goal-oriented Software House

Its not enough to have an App or a Site made if you don't reach and overcome your own goals. Developing top-notch solutions for the right clients in order to help them reach their own objectives is what we can do for you.

our works

Some of the products we shipped for the best clients.

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    Mundo Canibal

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    Big Brother Brasil

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    Icarus Interactive Menu

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    Radar G1

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    360 - Photo Viewer

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    Mac Mais Magazine

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    Meus Direitos

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    Mapa Mundi

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    Cade o Huck?

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    Morde Assopra Augmented Reality

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    Aquele Beijo

our services

Some of the ways we can help you reach your own objectives through technology.

Understand People

In the end, software is about the people using it. We need to give them the best experience and understand where we can really help them.

Wireframe and Interface

Have you ever bought an apartment or house without checking the ground floor plan first? Why do that to your software?


This is where the true fun for our developers begin. Creating multiplatform software for websites, mobile phones, tablets - we LOVE it.

Testing and Bugfixes

After your software is finished, we iterate through your product finding and exterminating all bugs that we or someone else created. Let no digital vermin survive our mighty gaze.

Tech-Valuation and IT Consulting

Do you know how much your software is worth? What can you do to help you determine is market price and increase it?

Healthcare IT

We take care of your IT Health so you can take care of your Patients Health.

our team

We are made of people. The best of the best.


Marcelo Roque

CEO & Co-Founder


Eduardo Regis

COO & Co-Founder


Victor Taveira

CFO & Investor



Developer, designer, sales...

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